Waterborne Epoxy Resin

Waterborne epoxy resin has wonderful prospect of application due to its properties.Especially in terms of the application of epoxy resin in combination with cement mortar,the introduction of hydrophilic groups into epoxy resin makes this high performance organic-and-inorganic compound available with the high performance epoxy resin as a precondition.The outstanding advantage of waterborne epoxy resin lies on that this compound can be cured at atmospheric temperature and humidity with reasonable curing time.It can be mixed with such common cement-based material as cement mortar and concrete to enhance the early strength,tenacity,impact resistance and waterproof ability of above materials with very high crosslinking density.This is incomparable for many other types of waterborne polymers.

Waterborne Epoxy Resin

Main applications:

—floor coating

—environment friend paint

—car coating

—cement floor

—carbonfiber infiltration fixatives


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