VAE emulsion

We supply VAE products with viscosity of 200~8500 mPa.s, ethylene content of 2~30% and mass fraction of non-volatile matter at 50~60%. VAE emulsion can be used in base material of adhesives、sizing material、paper pulp sizing and varnishing material、base material of coating、cement modifier、carpet adhesive, etc.


Base Material of Adhesive                                                                                                                   

VAE emulsion can serve as the base material of adhesive for wood or wood products like laminated plates, chipboards, sawn wood boards,decorative plates and furniture. It can also be used as adhesive for paper,package bag, food package material, trademark, bottle cap, paper box,paper plate, paper pipe, books, PVC composite material, floor, wallpaper,buildings and their components, aluminum foil, various plastic films, and fibers, etc.


Sizing Material                                                                                                                                

It can be used as a textile adhesive for cloth / cloth, sponge / cloth,and (artificial) leather / cloth. It can be used as a fabric coating to make oil canvas, advertising clSizing Material


Paper Pulp Sizing and Varnishing Material                                                                                      

As excellent material for various fine paper, VAE emulsion can varnish many kinds of paper in order to strengthen its dry/wet intensity, tenacity

and glossiness, and also enhance the color stability and printability, with reduced consumption of printing ink.

Base Material of Coating                                                                                                             

Coating made from VAE emulsion is safe, non-toxic, stable for longtime storage and easy to apply, using brush, roller, dip-coating and spray for

coating, wherein the tools used are easy to clean. Based on the varying situations of application, VAE can be used as the base material of interior

and exterior wall coating, elastic coating, roof waterproof coating,emulsion swelling fireproof coating, antirust latex paint, building caulking, and sealing glue, etc.


Cement Modifier                                                                                                                            

The properties of cement product can be enhanced by the addition of VAE emulsion into cement mortar, resulting in better crack resistance,water resistance, chemical resistance, tensile and bending strength,thereby shortening period of cement wet curing or even getting rid of the curing requirement.


Carpet Adhesive                                                                                                                             

VAE emulsion can be used as adhesive for carpet backing rubber and lining, in order to make the carpet soft, elastic, water-proof,aging-resistant, low-temperature-resistant, weather-proof and fire-resistant. It can also serve as the adhesive for tufted carpet,knitting carpet, advanced building carpet assembled, and artificial turf,etc.

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