Vinyl Acetate Monomer

Product Detail:Vinyl Acetate Monomer  

Properties: Colorless and transparent liquid with aromatic smell. Flash point: -8℃, density: 0.932g/cm3, slightly soluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents, easily react by addition with chlorine, bromine and ozone. By the action of heat light, peroxide and catalyst, free radical polymerization will take place. Category 3 dangerous good, low flash point inflammable liquid (originally class 1 inflammable liquid), explosion limit: 2.6~ 13.4%(v/v)

Application :     

Vinyl acetate is an intermediary used for producing polymers and copolymers which are used in paints, paper coatings, adhesives, etc. It occurs as a clear and colorless liquid. This intermediary composite is majorly used for producing polyvinyl acetate and polyvinyl alcohol. Polyvinyl acetate has improved bonding property which find application in industrial and paper coatings whereas polyvinyl alcohol is significantly used in textiles, photosensitive coatings, packaging, etc.


Item Unit Specification
Appearance Colorless transparent
Vinyl Acetate % 99.9min
Color APHA 5max
Specific Gravity(20℃) g/ml 0.930-0.934
Acidity(as acetic acid) ppm 50max
Water ppm 400max
Acetaldehyde ppm 60max
Organic Impurities ppm 1000max
Nonvolatile Matter ppm 100max
Boiling Range(0℃,101.3KPa) 1.5max
Total Aldehyde Content % 0.03max
Iron content Negative
Hydroquinone ppm Upon request by client
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