High definition Air Bubble Film Machine For Packaging - 1.4 Butanediol (BDO) – Haitung

Product properties:                                                                                                                 

the molecular weight is 90.12,colorless oily shape combustible liquid,hygroscopicity and taste bitter.When temperature below the freezing point,getting to needle crystal,with freezing point of 20.1℃ boiling point 235℃,and flash point(open) 121℃,relative density 1.017,lit temperature of 393.9,refractive index of 1.446


Mainly use for the production of gather PBT ester,THF,polytetrahydrofuran gamma-irradiation,butyl lactone,polyurethane artificial leather,PU sole polyurethane elastomer and glue.1.4-butyl glycol has good absorbency and increased flexibility,can use as gelatin softener and absorbent,cellophane and other papers treatment agent.Also can be prepared to make N-Methyl pyrrole,N-vinyl pyrrole and other pyrrale derivatives,and for the preparation of vitamin B6,pesticides,herbicides and various processes of solvent,plasticizer,lubricants,humidification agent,softness,adhesives and brightener of electroplating industry.

Cosmetics Industries:Eleusine indica sole,car tires,solid friction transmission belt,etc.

Executive standard:GB/T 24768-2009





Chroma(Pt-Colorimetric method)




No. of carbonyl


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